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No weapons will be allowed in class.

Classes will be taught at the Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club (CCPRC). CCPRC is located at 2832 FM763 off of Old Brownsville Road in Corpus Christi.

Most classes are limited to 10-15 students which makes for a stronger, more positive learning experience. Classes are taught using the latest DPS approved multi-media presentation, not just another boring lecture.

I will provide you with your own copy of the Texas Handgun Laws, as well as the required CHL-Photo Holder and your 2 passport photos. Your class fee includes these things as well as your target and range fees.

Bring something to eat and drink so that we can work through lunch rather than lose valuable time. (we take a break every hour) We can also order in if enough students desire to. You may also bring snacks and drinks with you to make the day more enjoyable. An ice chest will be provided to keep your drinks or food cold if necessary.

Lasers and optics are helpful, but really shouldn't be used during qualification.

If you would like to be able to carry either a revolver or a semi-auto pistol, you will need to qualify with a semi-auto. If you qualify with a revolver your CHL will indicate that you are only allowed to carry a revolver.

Things you will need to bring to the range:
    Revolver or semi-auto pistol minimum .32 caliber UNLOADED (Loaner pistols are available))
    50 rounds of amunition
    Hearing protection
    Eye protection
    Closed toe shoes
    Cap or hat

To register for class online, click HERE

These items are for your safety and are required by the ranges we use as well as our staff.

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