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Carry legally with a LTC.

All classes require pre-registration !

    Classes Offered

  • First Time LTC Class----$100
  • Private LTC Class (min3)----$200 or 5 at $125
  • Beginner's Firearms Training----$75
  • Loaner Pistols Available
  • Prices Subject To Change
  • $10 Discount When Paying In Advance

The "Beginner's Firearms Training" is a two hour class taught privately at the range. This class will consist of basic firearms safety , and shooting skills. The student will shoot a mock LTC qualification to be more prepared for the actual LTC shooting test. This is a great class for a novice or someone that just needs to brush up on their skills. Student must provide their own weapon or rent one. If you have ever wanted to try a .45acp, .38spcl, .357mag, or a 9mm, now's your chance.

The prices for LTC Classes include range fees, needed forms and a printed copy of the Texas Concealed Handgun Laws. Once you pass the class and shooting requirement you will receive the certificate needed to complete your application.

There is a group discount of $10 per person for groups of 10 or more. Get your group together and ask for details.

In Addition to these classes we offer all female classes for those ladies that would not feel as comfortable in a mixed setting. If you are interested in this type of class please check the schedule or let us know and we will get one together ASAP.

Women have many options for carrying.

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